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Sequoia Emmanuelle Duende
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From: Gemilyn  Wed Jul 9 01:27:26 2014
After reading your futerhr explanation, at least I can understand what's your concern in more detail.I agree that gov should share the direction of this subject in more detail and more promises should be given in order to ease some ppl's worry.However to me, I feel more scary to those "anti gov" parties. They are so silly and just reject everything without a giving a complete detail direction to HK. Can you imagine those silly guys that yelling everyday in the street to manage HK? I am sure they did much worse than CY. We all know that.I respect you although I do not completely agree with you, I like logical discussion and sincerely hope you can bring this culture to HK.

From: Yadi  Wed Jul 9 07:32:33 2014
In addition, i think if gov inssit on 推行國民教育, they should compromise by making the material totally neutral: pick out all the 'potential influensive words/sentance' and remove all the views in the material. I believe information/knowledge can always be neutral. if a positive arguement has to be made, make sure an equally negative arguement on the other side has to be present to balance out.This could be done by hiring auditor to summerize the material in a quantatative way, then use some statistical methods to assess the teaching material. Regards,statistician

From: Andrea  Wed Jul 9 09:37:58 2014
the more and more I cannot agree with you.For a coampny, you can laid off ppl and go for the direction that you want. Dont tell me that you still cannot completely control it, at least you can control who you get in.For a society, everyone can have a vote and a voice. Even 1% of the ppl are refusing to accept the policy, that's mean over 70k ppl already. Can you sake them off?Ok I am 五毛 now. Whoever "not" refusing gov is a 五毛.PS: I hate ppl saying irreverent things in order to damage other's reputation. The 上手留下來的爛棋盤 is the fact. Go acquire a rubbish coampny and not allowed to laid off any ppl. Go have a try.

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