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Alma Paradiso 2008
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From: PW  Thu Jun 26 00:17:07 2008
The "loading zone" on the curb is key.

From: Sabir  Sun Oct 27 19:27:38 2013
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Helium on the rocks
From: PW  Thu Jun 26 00:19:28 2008
I knew you'd get at least 1 amazing shot out of that.

Art Nouveau hoop
From: Peaches  Fri Aug 1 22:32:40 2008
Great Shot!!

From: PW  Thu Jun 26 00:21:50 2008
I saw you get the lucky timing on that shot. Sweet!

From: natalie  Wed Jun 25 16:40:29 2008
billy & jill, yay!

Umbrella hangs out
From: Bad-dawg  Wed Jun 25 12:00:40 2008
That submerged hat is me...

From: MiraBug  Wed Jun 25 14:09:53 2008
yes my umbrella spent the day alone since I couldn't bear to get off that blue float for hours. good thing they had a swim-through bar in the water!

From: LynnSane  Wed Jun 25 15:14:39 2008
A reflective moment caught!

From: artcriminal  Fri Jun 27 01:00:31 2008
God I wish I was that patch

From: natalie  Wed Jun 25 16:47:02 2008
wow, awesome shot.

From: PW  Thu Jun 26 00:25:19 2008
Double your pleasure with double exposure. :)

From: Sulshyne  Thu Jun 26 16:54:56 2008
All around great photo... and very sexy!

From: Little Flower  Wed Jun 25 20:21:08 2008
weird...i just saw this dude the other day at the beach! i just knew he was one of us! :)

with thanks to Brion Topolski :)
From: nym  Wed Jun 25 12:17:23 2008
Wow... totally awesome... I assume this is a panorama, not a photoshop job?

From: Zeth  Wed Jun 25 12:21:18 2008
A verticle pan! Brilliant. Those clouds were amazing...I remember seeing you on the rock shooting it!

From: Josh (admin)  Wed Jun 25 16:03:52 2008
Yup! it's a panorama. I went to lay next to adelaide (see the previous photo!) and when I looked up the clouds were making this AMAZING pattern off the sun. I could only get it by stitching multiple photos together! and I finally figured out how to do panos with my digital slr :)

I MUST have been thinking of Brion's work because it turned out so similar... I remember wanting to follow the patterns of the cloud. When it led from land to land, I thought this must be something that inspires Brion.

"Twister--Left Hand to Right Blue (testicle)" -LynnSane
From: LynnSane  Wed Jun 25 14:03:49 2008
Twister--Left Hand to Right Blue (testicle)

From: Sulshyne  Thu Jun 26 16:57:49 2008
Take me away to that special place...

From: natalie  Wed Jun 25 17:03:39 2008
so cute!

From: Jesse  Thu Jul 3 22:12:50 2008
My favorite pic you ever dun took!

Is he the most purple, or is it just my perception?
From: flash  Wed Jun 25 13:34:46 2008
Who doesn't love purple!!!

From: PW  Thu Jun 26 00:32:25 2008
Thanks Josh

From: Core D & Amanda Lea Love  Tue Jul 1 20:06:40 2008
My GOD, we had a blast...dancing on that crazy L.O.V.E. Charger just filled our dancing DNA with energy from out of this world. Sexy, sensual and super synergistic! You should try sleeping on some L.O.V.E. for yourself tonight, check out the following website to get some of what we were

Drillings know how to party!
From: Zeth  Wed Jun 25 12:26:08 2008
Back. For the Attack. LOVE!

From: Sulshyne  Thu Jun 26 17:00:01 2008
Shine on you crazy diamond...

From: Sulshyne  Thu Jun 26 17:00:30 2008
I love this outfit

From: Cat  Wed Jun 25 21:50:21 2008
This is beautiful! Perhaps my favorite in the bunch.

From: pw  Thu Jun 26 00:38:09 2008
The peek-a-boob was a little distracting from her performance.

Just Chris is Just Fabulous!
From: Bad-dawg  Wed Jun 25 12:09:17 2008
I think you caught Chris' Awesome spinning here!

From: happematt  Wed Jun 25 18:46:55 2008
blah ha ha ha ha. looks like she has a chip on her shoulder.

From: Little Flower  Wed Jun 25 20:27:58 2008
the freaks are taking over!

From: pw  Thu Jun 26 00:41:27 2008
avast this cursed queueing

From: natalie  Wed Jun 25 17:29:13 2008
great shot of zark!

From: pw  Thu Jun 26 00:44:08 2008
Who is that? She's kindof cute.

From: natalie  Wed Jun 25 17:29:53 2008

"Rockin' to the BodyRock DJ's!" - LynnSane
From: JustChris  Wed Jun 25 12:40:23 2008
it runs in the family

From: LynnSane  Wed Jun 25 14:23:54 2008
Rockin' to the BodyRock DJ's!

Cherry Pie!
From: Zeth  Wed Jun 25 12:44:30 2008
Cherry Pie! The geometric center of the Beauty Universe.

From: TJ  Wed Jun 25 13:21:56 2008
Naked Ninja's!!!!

From: LynnSane  Wed Jun 25 14:32:06 2008
Lookin' well healed at Twister

Merlin gets Wet & Sexy!
From: natalie  Wed Jun 25 17:38:34 2008
fuckin' merlin!!

From: natalie  Wed Jun 25 17:42:31 2008
y2 is the shiz!

From: LynnSane  Wed Jun 25 14:37:00 2008

From: DN  Wed Jun 25 20:02:52 2008

From: Gisele  Wed Jun 25 15:48:00 2008
yay, my first fire picture. thank you, Josh!

From: natalie  Wed Jun 25 17:47:22 2008
gisele looks gorgeous!

One of the amazingly cool locals, who was so happy we were there, and to be part of this!
From: Juan  Sun Jun 29 20:19:19 2008
Again, thanks again to everyone that made this night amazing! Everyone had an incredible time, and we all want you to come back and make this place your home! Two Harbors thanks you with all our hearts

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